Captain of the Imperial Guard (deceased)


[this character is deceased]


“The empire is all. Every man, every woman, every child. The life of any one part is meaningless by comparison to the whole.”

Annissa was, until recently, the Captain of the Imperial Guard. From a young age, she was seen as a child prodigy and, as a result of her superior skill and undying devotion to serving her people, it was assumed that she would eventually rise to the most prestigious position awarded to anyone outside of the royal family itself. She rose through the ranks at a pace that was unheard of and found herself taking control of her entire country by the age of 23 as one of Bahamut’s most devout and powerful paladins.

Precious little is known about Annissa outside of her service record and dedication to her kingdom. She has no known living family, and never spoke with anyone about any matters outside of the business of running the country. Everything about her is always carefully controlled and guarded, even down to her facial expressions, which never seemed to change. Even during the early years of the Drow occupation in which her kingdom was falling down around her, her resolve never wavered, and she fiercely held what little remained of her nation together as a rallying point for all surface dwellers to come together and eventually push the Drow back underground.

Precious little is known about her final hours. In the beginning of The Second Cleansing, Imaran was the first city targeted, most likely as a means if demoralizing the remaining resistance into surrendering. Annissa, along with Evea, Chiru, Greer, Hinen and Tillie, led their forces to repel the attack for weeks of continuous fighting. In the end, Nasya herself was forced to lead the final charge into the city in order to take it. Exhausted and overwhelmed, Annissa realized that they could no longer hold their position and ordered the evacuation of the city. Also realizing that the aim of the attack was now to exterminate them rather than simply take the city, she sacrificed herself by engaging Nasya directly. Though she was lost in the resulting battle, Nasya was gravely injured and her invading forces were decimated.


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