Pirate Queen and Captain of Teva's Vengeance


“Nature is the giver of all life. I correct her mistakes.”

Relatively little is known about Evea to those outside of her crew. In a profession in which information is both costly and deadly, her secrets are carefully guarded.

She was once a daughter to the leader of a druid grove in a land known as Teva, in the southern part of what is now the Eastern Kingdoms. Though the grove existed for thousands of years, the newly established kingdom of Veda claimed the surrounding territory, including their grove, as their own. The kingdom, founded on scientific research, began to explore their newly-claimed territory and quickly discovered Teva. The records of exactly what they found there remained classified and are assumed lost in the Drow invasion, but it is believed that they found a way to distill life itself into a potion from the trees in the area. While it is true that people from Teva lived unusually long lives, even for Elves, it has never been confirmed whether or not this is true. Vedan ambassadors tried and failed to negotiate with Tevan druids for samples of their sacred trees for months before frustration mounted and led to desperation.

The weeks following the eventual breakdown of negotiations marked the beginning of disappearances of the people of Teva. It wasn’t difficult to draw conclusions, and Teva immediately took a hostile stance against all outsiders, quickly making it clear to Veda that they would not be taken easily. Unprepared for the organized response, Vedan officials began to panic and, fearing that they both wouldn’t be able to maintain a sustained conflict with their limited resources and that their actions may become public knowledge, took drastic action and assassinated the leader of Teva, Evea’s father. Threatening to overrun them entirely if they didn’t cooperate, Evea, distraught, enraged and fearing for the people for whose lives were now her responsibility, took a drastic measure of her own – she ordered every tree in the grove uprooted. The trees that Veda prized so highly were all used in the construction of a massive living ship, and every last one of her people joined her in taking flight from their home.

The vast majority of Evea’s travels after this point are unknown to anyone other than her and her people. The only thing that can be said for certain is that, in her rage, a thirst for vengeance was born in her that, as far as anyone knows, has yet to be satisfied. She became feared around the world for her immediate and ruthless retaliations against any slight against her, her crew or her ship.


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