Enigmatic Swordmage with a Heart of Glass (deceased)


[this character is deceased]

”...in which case, 2.3345×10^3334091 = X+3442, as long as Y is greater than Z + the combined weight of all residuum used in the ritual. If this is true, then X also equals Z + the total weight of all natural reagents, which should always be less than Y, lest the ritual fail catastrophically, draining the life force of all within ten miles. Equal parts of all healing salves must be combined at this point and added slowly, stirring in a platinum cauldron counter-clockwise for no less than three weeks. lest the force of the explosion destroy…what’s that? Of COURSE I’m certain this is how I make my special kitty-shaped cherry pies. ...huh? Flour? What would I need that for?”


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