Eleven Years Later

The party has just recently returned from the Astral Sea after having followed Vlaakith’s trail to an unknown realm. In the events that took place there, Tai and Nadya were both lost, Tai being overpowered and thrown through a portal as a sacrifice to an unknown power, presumably a deity. Nadya willingly followed, sacrificing herself in a bargain with Vlaakith, who agreed to release the rest of the party. It remains unclear exactly where the portal goes or why Tai and Nadya were wanted as sacrifices in the first place. Vlaakith remained true to her word and agreed to release the remaining party members, but not before delivering two messages. The first was from Nasya directly, and was simply two words: “I’ve won.” The second was a revelation from Vlaakith about the properties of the realm itself. She revealed to them that there were several reasons for luring them there, one of which was the fact that time flows extremely slowly there. In the half hour that they spent in that realm, eleven years had passed in the mortal world, Nasya’s goal seeming to be to simply get them out of the way long enough for her to carry out her plans.

As the party returned to the mortal world, they learned that the situation deteriorated severely. All of the major cities and settlements that they’ve encountered have been all but abandoned, the only remaining inhabitants being a few scattered survivors and scores of undead that appear to be former inhabitants of these areas. Abominations now roam the countryside freely, indiscriminately killing all that wander across their paths. Their only sign of hope is meeting Tillie, now older and with a daughter of her own. They have set off together in hopes of eventually meeting Evea and reuniting Gritga’s Army.


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