Tag: Ally


  • Annissa

    h3. "The empire is all. Every man, every woman, every child. The life of any one part is meaningless by comparison to the whole." Annissa was, until recently, the Captain of the Imperial Guard. From a young age, she was seen as a child prodigy and, …

  • Evea

    h3. "Nature is the giver of all life. I correct her mistakes." Relatively little is known about Evea to those outside of her crew. In a profession in which information is both costly and deadly, her secrets are carefully guarded. She was once a …

  • Tai

    h5. "...in which case, 2.3345x10^3334091 = X+3442, as long as Y is greater than Z + the combined weight of all residuum used in the ritual. If this is true, then X also equals Z + the total weight of all natural reagents, which should always be less than …

  • Tillie

    h4. "Well, of COURSE I had to kill him. Did you hear what he said about my necklace? My mother left me this necklace! Huh? Well, yeah, he DID eventually stop and apologize. Speaking of which, do you think I should just dump his body or should I skin …

  • Sima

    h3. "Why, thank you! I AM gorgeous, aren't I? Not that that's going to stop me from turning your brain to jelly, but don't think that I don't appreciate the adoration."

  • Anais

    h3. "I'm born of nobility, and I'm expected to behave as such, as my mother would no doubt expect of me. The bad news is that I don't give a damn about any of that, so I'm still gonna beat you to death."

  • Hinen

    h3. "Well, sure, I'm SUPPOSED to be evil, so I'm SUPPOSED to kill you...but I've learned the hard way that I have to think for myself. Oh, I'm going to kill you - I'm just not going to enjoy it. Much."