Tag: Human


  • Tillie

    h4. "Well, of COURSE I had to kill him. Did you hear what he said about my necklace? My mother left me this necklace! Huh? Well, yeah, he DID eventually stop and apologize. Speaking of which, do you think I should just dump his body or should I skin …

  • Sima

    h3. "Why, thank you! I AM gorgeous, aren't I? Not that that's going to stop me from turning your brain to jelly, but don't think that I don't appreciate the adoration."

  • Anais

    h3. "I'm born of nobility, and I'm expected to behave as such, as my mother would no doubt expect of me. The bad news is that I don't give a damn about any of that, so I'm still gonna beat you to death."